Google has updated its policy on job posting content to improve the quality of search results for such queries. The new rules will come into force on October 1, 2021.

The search engine has also added a new recommended property for job markup – directApply.

DirectApply property

A new property allows you to specify whether direct job application is available. This refers to a quick and direct application process on the page. In particular, the user can fill out a form on the site and he does not need to go anywhere to complete this process.

Google is currently working on integrating this information into search, so no changes will be seen for now.

New content rules

To improve the search results for job vacancies for users, Google has updated its rules for the content of such ads.

According to the new rules, Google will not allow the use of markup for content that contains too much unnecessary text and images, a lot of ads, and content that does not add any value to the job posting.

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The text must also be free of errors and grammatical rules must be followed. Google recommends avoiding capitalization and using only well-known acronyms and abbreviations.

How to increase the confidence of job seekers

According to Google research, site owners can increase the credibility of their resources by following these tips:

Make sure the site is free of fraudulent or spammy job postings. Only mark pages containing one job.
Provide a good user experience. According to surveys, sites with poor UX are resources that ask for information about users when there is no need for it, have low quality pages (for example, with a lot of ads) and / or offer a complicated application process (for example, with a large number of redirects). Poor user interface also lowers the completion rate of submissions.
Remove irrelevant ads. Do not leave a job open if you no longer accept applications. Sending a resume and being silent in response is a common complaint among job seekers. When deleting a job from a site, make sure you also remove the markup or update the validThrough property. Google advises using the Indexing API to promptly inform the search engine of these changes.
Make sure the date of the job posting is authentic. Freshness is one of the main signals for job seekers that a position is open and there is a chance for employment, which increases the attractiveness of such ads. However, Google recommends not passing old posts as new by updating the DatePosted property if there have been no changes to the ad text.
Do not add false or misleading information to your ad and markup. This applies to salary, place of work, schedule, type of employment and other details of vacancies. Make sure the ad correctly describes the job and the markup is an accurate representation of the ad.

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As a reminder, Google introduced a search-based job aggregator in 2017. In Russia, job search was launched in 2019.

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